Volume 31 Issue 3

What's in this issue...
Fall 2020 Issue
Pillar Life Membership Feature

Volume 31 Issue 3

In This Issue:

  • Stone Sheep Hunt with Terminus Mountain
  • Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters Caribou Hunt
  • Bull Moose Bow Hunt with Nahanni Butte
  • Goat Hunt with Babine Guide Outfitters
  • Pillar Life Membership Appreciation
  • Fair Chase Kitchen with Sossy Outdoors
  • and more…
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Caribou Hunt

Mackenzie Mountain Adventure

By Dallas Kaiser
I first touched base with Stan Stevens, owner of Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters, in the summer of 2015. A mountain caribou hunt had been on my mind for some time but it seemed there was never extra money to undertake an adventure like that. While setting aside money where I could, I researched outfitters, areas, and of course the caliber of caribou that were available. One outfit seemed to stand out to me, and I decided if I was going to make this hunt a reality, I had to make the call.

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Moose Hunt

Bow Hunter Odyssey

By Michael Cummings
Right from the start the trip was plagued with unseasonably warm weather making seeing or hearing a rutting bull difficult and unlikely. Plus, we’d spotted a pack of a dozen or so wolves along the river while flying in. The hunt had the usual hills to climb covered with shin-tangling undergrowth, willows, blowdowns and boot-sucking tundra swamp.

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BC Stone Sheep Hunt

First One Ever!

By George Lawrence
(An account of the first ever Stone sheep to be taken by crossbow)  I booked my ram hunt with Craig Kiselbach and Terminus Mountain Outfitters at the Wild Sheep convention. The year before I had been on a hunt that lasted 21 days without success. Weather, smoke, and anything that could make the wheels come off a hunt seemed to have happened. My guides and outfitter were great but it just didn’t happen. This time I was prepared mentally and physically for another very difficult hunt.

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