Volume 30 Issue 3

What's in this issue...
Fall 2019 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Fair Chase Kitchen

Volume 30 Issue 3

In This Issue:

  • Goat Hunt with Terminus Mountain Outfitters
  • Deer Hunt with bonus Turkey with Kettle River Guides
  • Combo Moose and Caribou hunt in the Chilcotin
  • Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney
  • Fathers, Sons & Mentors With Youth Outdoors Ltd.
  • Fair Chase Kitchen with Sossy Outdoors
  • and more…
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Moose and Caribou Combo Hunt

There and Back Again

By Colin W. Sands
The snow fall began to hasten; I could see the flakes building on the neck of Brownie, my transportation down the 40-kilometer trail into camp.  Hooves digging into the soft ground and the sound of the steel clanking on the wagon as the team drew closer… it was all coming back.  It had been just under two years since I last made this ride and anticipation was high.  My last journey to this country had ended exactly as planned…

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Deer Hunt with Kettle River Guides

My Campfire Story

By Melissa Tautscher
Some days it is still hard to believe that I have become a huntress.  I dreamt about this lifestyle for many years.  However, it wasn’t until I went through many personal changes including the end of a long-term relationship, a move back to my hometown, and a career change, that I finally started doing things for me.  Although hunting was one of the first things I wanted to pursue, I felt intimidated stepping into “a man’s world.”  But I finally realized that I didn’t have anything to lose; rather, I had everything to gain.

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High Anxiety

By Jerry Russell
Have you ever awakened and wondered if you are still dreaming, or having an out of body experience?  That is exactly how I felt when I awoke on a very cold October morning in a hunting cabin in British Columbia.  It was the sixth day of our delayed departure, due to adverse weather conditions. There is something about being in a remote place and not being able to leave that does something to your brain – paranoia sets in. 

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