Volume 30 Issue 2

What's in this issue...
Spring 2019 Mountain Hunter Magazine
2019 Spring convention

Volume 30 Issue 2

In This Issue:

  • Girl Power – Moose Hunt / North River Outfitting
  • Bear Hunt with BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters
  • Stone’s Sheep Hunt with Scoop Lake Outfitters
  • Hunting Cougar with Ambler’s Bighorn Country Guiding
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • Event Photos from Spring 2019 Convention
  • Luscious Lemon Cake recipe
  • and more…
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Girl Power Moose Hunt

Girl Power

By Elyse Hagen
Growing up in Minnesota, hunting has always been a part of my life. My father introduced me to the outdoors and showed me that the greatest part of hunting wasn’t the kill, but the memories created with each other. That lesson still holds true today, especially with my most recent hunting adventure. Being the only girl in my family, hunting only with men was all I’d done, so when I took a trip to British Columbia with my father, I expected that I would again be the only woman.

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Cougar Hunt Ambler's Bighorn Country Guiding

A Track in the Snow

By Judy Black
A mountain lion hunt had been on my bucket list for several years. An unsuccessful one in New Mexico a few years back had only heightened my desire to hunt a cat with my bow and be successful at it. A friend who had hunted the big cat in BC a year prior introduced me to Bruce Ambler of Ambler’s Bighorn Country Guiding at the local Safari Club International dinner and auction.

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Black Bear Hunt with BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters

The Bridge River Bear Assault

By Joe Gray Taylor, Jr
“Joe, that is a really, really big bear,” whispered Todd Christie, my guide with BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters.
He and I had hunted together successfully twice before; once for black bear and once for mule deer. Through both binoculars and the spotting scope, the old boar looked truly enormous to me. But for Todd to be impressed – well, that placed the big bear in a different category altogether.

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