Volume 29 Issue 3

What's in this issue...
Fall 2018 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Fall 2018 - Artist Tim Foster

Volume 29 Issue 3

In This Issue:

  • Caribou Mountain Outfitters – Black Bear Hunt
  • Hunting Turkeys with Kettle River Guides
  • Winter Moose Hunt with Corkscrew Creek
  • Sheep Hunt with Pelly Lake Outfitters
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • Artist Feature on Tim Foster
  • Camp Biscuits recipe
  • and more…
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Turkey Hunt Kettle River Guides

Merriam’s of the Christian Valley

By Tony Hudak
“You could get all of the slams,” Venesky said to me.  “You only need four more birds, two in Canada and two in Mexico to complete it all.  You should go for it.”  Those words had continued to ring in my head and before we landed in Seattle I had already made up my mind.  I was going to pursue the remaining birds, which meant a couple of hunts in both Canada and Mexico were about to be planned.

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Sheep Hunt with Pelly Lake Outfitters

Sheep Dreams are Made of These

By Dale Greenough
I have been very fortunate to have hunted in a many various places. This past fall I got to spend some time with a young man I wish everyone who is thinking about hunting in northern British Columbia would be able to meet to see what a real hunting guide should be! He not only has the best set of eyes I’ve ever seen, but he cares. Not only cares about the client, but his team, his horses and – most of all – the big game he pursues!

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Bear Hunt with Caribou Mountain Outfitters

A Caribou Mountain Dream Come True

By Kelli Maxwell
A few hours later, Mikayla and I met back up with John at the convention and he was thrilled to announce, “Hey, I got you something!” I started looking for a package, but his hands were empty, and my curiosity was rising. He guided me over to a vendor booth and introduced me to two very nice outfitters from an Alaskan bear hunting company. “Honey, I bought you a bear hunt!”.

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  • Nahanni Butte Black Bear Hunt
    Mike Shinstine of AZ
    Nahanni Butte Outfitters
  • Beaverfoot Outfitters Mountain Goat
    Dan Rich of Texas
  • Mike Wittet of South Africa
  • Copper River Outfitters
    Walt Sisler - Guide Don Burt
    Copper River Outfitters
  • Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters Moose
    Terry Gerber of WI
  • Bugle Basin Elk Hunt
    Drew Zimmerman of WA
  • Bonnet Plume Outfitters Moose Hunt
    Darrell Forrester of KY
  • Wolf Hunt Fehr Game Outfitters
    Brady Cupp of MI (right)
  • Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters
    Bobby Theis of Texas
  • Caribou Hunt with NWT Outfitters
    Dominic Brenkermyn