Volume 29 Issue 2

What's in this issue...
Spring 2018 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Spring 2018 - Artist Rudi Kohl

Volume 29 Issue 2

In This Issue:

  • Cover: Mountain Goat Hunt with Circle M Outfitters
  • Three Bear Hunt with Ashnola Guide Outfitters
  • Combo Moose/Elk Hunt with Tuchodi River
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • Artist Feature on Rudi Kohl
  • 2018 Spring Convention Photos
  • and more…
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Ashnola Guide Outfitters Bear Hunt

Ashnola Triple Header

By Christian Obresley & Eric Meis
We headed out with six dogs to hunt bear. Lilly rode on top of the dog box, sniffing the air as we drove the logging roads. Her job as strike dog was to catch the scent of bears that crossed the road. Her nose could even wind bears from thermals from ridges above us. Around 10:30 am she got a good whiff and Darrell turned her loose, then let the others out. They were bawling, and the chase was on!

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Goat Hunt with Circle M Outfitters

When Hard Work Pays Off

By Brett Marcaisini
Looking back, I could probably hunt goats 100 times in my life and not have an easier set up. With the wind perfectly in our favor, I dropped into the prone position, set up my bipod, and just waited. We sat there for about 15 minutes before the goat stepped over the ridge top across from us. Matt ranged him at 230 yards and after about two more minutes gave me the perfect broadside opportunity.

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Moose Hunt with Tuchodi River

Third Time’s a Charm & an Adventure

By Bob Spoerl
We were nearly finished with the moose: backstraps and quarters cooling on buckbrush and the head nearly caped out when Mitch suddenly said in a loud voice “we have company and they’re coming in fast!” Richard told Mitch to put a couple of shots over the two yearling grizzlies to turn them. Mitch did but it didn’t work. From initially 300 yards, they were now 200 yards and closing. “Shoot again…”

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  • Dall Sheep Hunt with Nahanni Butte
    Kyle Kesserling and son James
  • Caribou Hunt with Pelly Lake Wilderness Outfitters
  • Mule Deer with Skinner Creek Hunts
    Mike Wittet of South Africa
  • GG-S18-Opatcho
  • Moose Hunt with Little Dease Ventures
  • Elk Hunt with Bugle Basin Outfitters
  • Big Horn Sheep with Bonnet Plume Outfitters
    Dave Richards from Utah
  • mountain goat hunt with Fehr Game
    Paul Zeulke, Oregon and Guide
  • Mountain Caribou Hunt with NWT Outfitters
    Lyle Woods with guides
  • Paul Williams from Texas
  • Black Bear Hunt with Vancouver Island Outfitters
    Alan Sackman of New York