Volume 29 Issue 1

What's in this issue...
Winter 2018 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Winter 2018 - Artist

Volume 29 Issue 1

In This Issue:

  • Cover: Dall Sheep Hunt with Nahanni Butte
  • Yukon Moose Hunt with Yukon Stone Outfitters
  • Combo Moose/Caribou Hunt in NWT
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • Black Bear Hunt with Bar Wk Outfitters
  • Artist Feature on Des McCaffrey
  • and more…
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Dall Sheep Hunting Story

Mackenzie Mountain Combo

By Greg Kurdys
The large set of antlers seemed to float above the stunted willows as they moved toward me. My guide, Nathan, continued calling and scraping the brush as he knelt about ten yards away. After a few steps, the front half of the moose’s body emerged from the brush. He was about 125 yards away. My rifle was resting on my pack which was supported by some willow branches. It was not the ideal rest, but it was the best I could find…

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Moose Hunt Story

Bucket List Yukon Moose Hunt

By Craig Merhoff
Connor said that he was going to cow call and, that when the bull stepped out, to take the shot. The cow call was good and the bull woofed and moved from behind “the tree” down behind another one so quickly that there was no shot to be had. Connor called again and again the bull woofed and moved so smoothly and quickly that he was behind another tree leaving me no shot…

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Elk Hunt

Third Time Lucky

By Ken McGregor
All I could tell was that it had small ears in comparison to its head; a sign of a good bear so I am told. The wind was in our faces so a stalk straight up the track was in order. The bear was just over the crest and all I could see was its back line and that it was slowly walking our way. Thinking it would be best to be in cover when it crested, I took up a position over the largest rock I could find and waited…

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    Phil Cogar with Stone Sheep
    Pelly Lake Outfitters
  • Covert Outfitting
    Scott Newland, Texas
    Covert Outfitting
  • Skinner Creek Hunts
    John Halandras, Colorado
    Skinner Creek Hunts
  • Opatcho Lake Outfitters
    Gary Tennison - Lynx
    Opatcho Lake Outfitters
  • Little Dease Ventures
    Gary Colbath Archery Caribou
    Little Dease Ventures
  • Mike Rex, Tacoma WA
    Bugle Basin Outfitters
  • Ray Pastway with Stone Sheep
    Besa River Outfitters
  • Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters
    Cody, Jeff, Josh and Beau
    Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters
  • Love Bros and Lee
    Ron Poffenberger
    Love Bros & Lee
  • Silent Mountain Outfitters
    Vaughn and Heidi Griffin
    Silent Mountain Outfitters