Volume 28 Issue 3

What's in this issue...
Winter 2017 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Winter 2017 - Artist Wilf Schlitt

Volume 28 Issue 3

In This Issue:

  • Cover Story: Epic hunt for Caribou/Moose
  • Moose Hunt with Cassiar Stone Outfitters
  • Stone Sheep hunt in Fort St. John
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • Bear Hunt with Covert Outfitting
  • The recipe for Bear Pierogies
  • and more…
Dall Sheep Hunting Story

Sometimes it Only Takes 9

By Colin Sands
Heart pounding, chest throbbing, thighs burning, we were nearly there, there being the top in this case on this day, just over 8,300 feet. “Welcome to sheep hunting,” Nathan whispered as we crested a ridge line on our hands and knees crossing rocks that brought visions of craters on the moon…
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Moose Hunt Story

There’s Something About a Moose

By Tim Whitney
There’s something about a moose. I’ve wanted to hunt them all my life. Their immense size and where they live have captured my imagination since I was old enough to tote a gun. I have been fortunate to have taken deer, elk, caribou, antelope, etc., but after 34 years of unsuccessfully applying for a moose permit here in Montana, I decided if I was ever going to hunt one I was going to have to head north.
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Elk Hunt

Broadhead Stone

By Ray Pastway
We carefully wove our way through the mountain terrain, and after a few hours I saw a legal ram crossing 60 yards in front of us. I dropped to my knees, grabbed my pack and bow, and nocked an arrow in preparation for a shot. I crept in the direction the rams had run. Every move had to be done carefully and in a calculated manner so as not to disturb the loose rock underfoot.
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  • Brendan Burns
    Nahanni Butte Outfitters
  • Nathan Wenner, New Mexico
    Skinner Creek Hunts
  • Natalie Moralez, dad Dolph Bowman
    Kispiox Valley Outfitters
  • John and Bruce Tatarchuk
    Little Dease Ventures
  • Ted Crews, Archery, Shiras Moose
    Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters
  • Larry Walker, Kentucky
    Fehr Game Outfitters
  • Laura Fuhse
    Ram Creek Outfitters
  • Cody Johnson, Jeff Terveen
    Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters
  • Steve Gauthier, Michigan
    Love Bros & Lee
  • Jason Southhall
    Silent Mountain Outfitters
  • Jeff and John Schermerhorn
    Pelly Lake Outfitters
  • John Holbrook, AZ
    Bonnet Plume Outfitters