Volume 28 Issue 1

What's in this issue...
Winter 2017 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Winter 2017 - Artist Wilf Schlitt

Volume 28 Issue 1

In This Issue:

  • Feature Moose Hunt: Wild Lands of the North
  • A Hunt for Grizzly and Black Bear
  • A Hunt for Elk with Whiteswan Lake Outfitters
  • Dall Sheep Hunt in Northwest Territories
  • Feature artist Wilf Schlitt
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • The recipe for Bacon, Egg, Cheese and Spinach Casserole
  • and more…
Dall Sheep Hunting Story

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Lucky Shot

By Jeff Fitts
My name is Jeff Fitts and I have bow hunted all my life. This hunt was one I had dreamed about but never thought I would have the opportunity to experience. I am a member and an official Measurer of the Pope & Young Club. Living in Northeast Oklahoma, we don’t have the opportunity to hunt many large game animals other than whitetail deer.
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Moose Hunt Story

Wild Lands of the North

By David J. Sams, Lone Star Outdoor News
The snow continued to fall softly, covering the trees with a white mantle and padding the ground with a thick blanket of powder, giving our horses some traction. The lead horse whinnied loudly in the still air. Our guide’s posture straightened as he cut the tracks of the bull moose about a 100 yards down the trail.
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Elk Hunt

Ralphie to the Rescue

By Spenser Peterson
What an incredible sense of excitement in the days before we left home. I had spent about four months getting ready, trying to get in shape for my upcoming British Columbia Elk Hunt with Whiteswan Lake Outfitters.  I worked out, worked on cardio, lost some weight, and prepared my legs via stair master for what was to come. Not knowing what to expect, I tried to do a little of everything. When the trip began, I realized I should have done a lot more.
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  • Mike Detore
    Skinner Creek Hunts
  • Tim Hahn, Wisconsin
    Beaverfoot Outfitting
  • Bobby Naugle - Dall Sheep
    Blackstone Outfitters
  • Wayne Bowd from Alberta
    Nahanni Butte
  • Dave McLaughlan Manitoba
    Bonnet Plume Outfitters
  • Steve Labbs
    Copper River Outfitters
  • Blaine Lang, Texas
    Mountain Spirit Outfitters
  • Ken Olson from Wisconsin
    McGregor River Outfitters
  • Ron Poffenberger
    Love Bros & Lee
  • Joe Latham - Stone Ram
    Pelly Lake Outfitters
  • John Cross - Grizzly
    Eureka Peak Outfitters
  • David Benavides - Elk
    RMH Outfitters