Volume 27 Issue 1

What's in this issue...
Winter 2016 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Winter 2016 - Artist Peter Hofer

Volume 27 Issue 1

In This Issue:

  • Moose and Caribou Hunt in Dease Lake BC
  • Successful Mountain Goat and Grizzly Hunts
  • The recipe for Meatball Surprise
  • Feature artist Peter Hofer of Prestige Weapons
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • and more…
Moose Hunting Story

Another Epic Adventure

By Capt. R. Claude Corbeille
Mark had a caribou tag and I had a moose and a caribou tag. John had a moose, caribou and wolf tag. For our first morning hunt Mark and I went downstream with Brandon where the latter attempted without success, to entice a bull moose into becoming a bridegroom.

Mountain Goat Hunting Story

The Experience of a Lifetime

By Chris Rothermel
I spent weeks looking for an outfitter. I finally settled on Rocky Mountain High Outfitters and after a few conversations with the owner, Marty Lightburn, I booked a goat hunt in October. I know less than a handful of people who have gone on a goat hunt and I have to thank them for their stories. They helped me mentally prepare for the treacherous terrain and steep mountains.

Grizzly Hunt Story

A Daring Adventure

By Jim Weatherly
We hiked as fast as possible, our footsteps quietly echoing through the most beautiful and serene ancient forest of cedar, Englewood spruce, Douglas fir and hemlock. It was 3 PM and it had been a long day already when we arrived to sit under two giant cedars in the hopes of a grizzly appearing from the tall vegetation.

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