Volume 33 Issue 2

What's in this issue...
Winter 2021 Issue
Conservation Matters

In This Issue:

  • California Bighorn Sheep Hunt with Kettle River Outfitters
  • Moose Hunt with Opatcho Lake Outfitters
  • Mountain Goat and Elk Hunt with Grizzly Basin Outfitters
  • A Day in the Life of a Wrangler by Jedidiah Griggs
  • Mountain Goat Hunt with Silent Mountain Outfitters
  • Artist Feature – Truth In Humor. The Art of Ben Crane
  • The recipe for Bison Tacos and Sliders
  • Shane Mahoney’s’ Conservation Matters article “Protecting Our Hunting Culture”
  • and more…
Bighorn Sheep Hunt

California Dreamin’

by Dave Turchanski

Being a resident of BC, I don’t typically hire local outfitters but COVID had produced a wide variety of unusual opportunities

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Caribou Hunt

Silence is Golden

By Bob Russell

That made our party three for three and this one of the most successful hunts in recent history

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Caribou Hunt

Return to Grizzly Basin

By Pasquale Madrigrano

It took almost two hours for us to climb up to the goat.

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Goat Hunt

To the Top and Back

By Tom Kotlarz

Beautiful country, but just plain nasty weather. That was the sum of my thoughts on the mountain goat hunt I was guiding.

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