Volume 32 Issue 1

What's in this issue...
Winter 2021 Issue
Conservation Matters

Volume 32 Issue 1

In This Issue:

  • Moose Hunt with Milligan Outfitting
  • Tzazati Mountain Outfitters Deer/Bear Hunt
  • Mountain Goat with Mountain Spirit Outfitters
  • Bighorn Sheep with Ambler’s Bighorn Guiding
  • Caribou/Moose Combo North River Outfitting
  • Fair Chase Kitchen with Sossy Outdoors
  • and more…
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Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Huntin’ the High Country

By Peter Walton Spear
This article tries to make sense of my personal dream: The Grand Slam. It really is a complicated thing, sorting out why we chase a goal for many years – even decades for some. You sacrifice a lot of time in the endeavor; time which could be well-spent with family or friends…time which you can’t get back. The grandkids seem to go from cute little buggers to arrogant know-it-all teenagers in an eye twitch. I don’t regret any of my time spent on a sheep mountain, but there is a price to pay for the away time.

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Caribou Hunt

Adventure – The Hard Way

By Chris Sellers
A satellite phone message appeared from my wife: “I’m hoping at this very moment that you are hunting a giant moose.” And there he was! After all I’d been through to get to this one moment. A giant bull moose at 191 yards and all I had left to do was make the shot. This is my story of adventure, challenges, and living!

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Goat Hunt

Chivalry Died on the Mountain

By Mark Jablonic
“The goats look down on the sheep.” That’s what my sheep guide, Steve Rahn of Prophet Muskwa Outfitters told me back in 1998 when we were on a Dall sheep hunt in the Yukon. That was by far the hardest hunt of my life. A hunt I trained eight months for. Steve told me then, “If you thought you worked hard for your sheep, you should see how hard goats are.”

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