Volume 27 Issue 3

What's in this issue...
Fall 2016 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Fall 2016 - Artist Craig Stolle

Volume 27 Issue 3

In This Issue:

  • Feature about Kelli Thornton’s Hunt for a Stone Sheep
  • A father and son hunt for lynx
  • A Grizzly Hunting Story
  • A horseback hunt for Moose in Whitehorse
  • Feature artist Craig Stolle
  • Conservation Matters featuring Shane Mahoney
  • The recipe for Slowcooker Bear Roast
  • and more…
Stone Sheep Hunting Story

A Sheep Hunter is Born

By Kelli S. Thornton
The <1 Club – a club where Wild Sheep Foundation members like myself fantasize about the day we will officially be “kicked out.” The members are comprised of both men and women who have never personally harvested a wild sheep ram. These are the dreamers…and many of them are the professional hunters and guides who spend every chance possible on the mountain making their client’s dreams become a reality.
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Grizzly Bear Hunt Story

My BC Grizzly Hunt

By Craig Merhoff
In March of 2008 while in Eden, I received an email from a friend (Lance) about a deal on a spring grizzly bear hunt. Lance had forwarded a notice from Brian Glaicar of Monashee Outfitting who had unsold tags available for the 2008 spring grizzly hunt. Lance had successfully hunted moose with Brian and he highly recommended him, but he wasn’t interested in hunting grizzly.
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Moose Hunt in Whitehorse

Hunting the Great North

By Dave Fenn
Since writing a term paper in seventh grade, I have been absolutely fascinated by moose. Their look, their size, and the rugged country and temperatures in which they thrive makes them unique. A lot of time passed before I had the time and resources to go on the moose hunt I had dreamed of for years. The hunt I booked with Widrig Outfitters out of Whitehorse, Yukon was not my first moose hunt, but it was farther north than any other.
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  • Brian Vanderhoof from Virginia
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  • Wayne Bowd from Alberta
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  • Endre Lellejord with Dall Sheep
    South Nahanni Outfitters
  • Joaquin Arizpe from Mexico
    Nahanni Butte Outfitters
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    McGregor River Outfitters
  • Ronald from Maryland with Wolf
  • Keith Martel Jr. from Michigan
  • Terry Dowers from Washington
    Eureka Peak
  • Carli Kitsch from Washington