Volume 26 Issue 2

What's in this issue...
Spring 2015 Mountain Hunter Magazine
Spring 2015 Artist Laurel Barbieri

Volume 26 Issue 2

In This Issue:

  • Not Your Average Joe with Joe Rogan
  • Caribou Hunt and Goat Hunt
  • The recipe for Moose Sukiyaki
  • Feature artist Laurel Barbieri and her primitive style paintings
  • Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney about the Conservation Coalition
  • Photos from our Spring Convention 2015
  • Artist and Story of the Year Winners
Not Your Average Joe Moose Hunt with Joe Rogan

Not Your Average Joe

By Guide Outfitter Mike Hawkridge
Morning marked the start of our search for a bull and after a good breakfast we were off. I had a  solid spot in mind, as I knew there was a good bull there…there always was. I nosed the pickup off the logging road, we shouldered our packs, and quietly  walked down the trail into the swamp.

Dream Goat Hunt

My Dream was a Goat

By Rick Buchanan
Having already been on one goat hunt in Alaska, I felt more excitement and less nerves this time.  I was ready to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about what I would encounter, whether I was physically capable of conquering the terrain, and if I was mentally prepared.

Cooks Caribou Hunt

The Cook’s Caribou

By Terry Gerber
It was cold, really cold. I was lying under a spruce tree at four in the morning in the Mackenzie Mountains in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Dawn was about 3 hours away and it was pitch black dark. The temperature was -4 degrees Celsius. No tent. No sleeping bag. The sky was clear. All the stars were out and the moon was a waning, thin, golden sliver.

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