Story Contest 2017 - Second Place

The Mystical King... featuring Opatcho Lake Outfitters

Second Place 2017: The Mystical King of British Columbia

by Tim Westbrooks

There is no bond as strong as that between a father and son. Though I have fulfilled only one of these two roles, after twenty-two years of life, I firmly believe this cliché to be true. I look up to my dad as a mentor, a role model, and simply a friend, and our relationship would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the experiences we’ve shared in the great outdoors. Dad discovered a love for hunting at a young age, and he passed this love, with equal intensity, down to me. I can still remember bitter cold mornings at five years old, going out and sitting in the woods with him. This was a brutal way to learn about white-tailed deer, but in the end, my dad succeeded in teaching me to love the sport. Though we primarily hunt deer in the mountains of east Tennessee, my dad has always had an interest in North American cats. Our hunting property has a fairly substantial bobcat population, of which Dad has harvested a few over the years, but in order to obtain other trophies he has had to travel to other parts of the continent. When I was young, he harvested a mountain lion in Colorado, so the last item on his cat to-do list was the Canadian Lynx hunt.  I recently graduated from the University of Tennessee, and as a graduation present, my dad flew us to Prince George, British Columbia for a guided lynx hunt.


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