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GOABC Annual Story Contest

Each year the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) holds a contest for best BC Guided hunting stories that have been submitted for publication in the Mountain Hunter™ magazine. These stories are written by the hunters and feature memorable hunting experiences with GOABC members.  At the end of the year all stories submitted will be reviewed and the top three stories will receive a cash prize (CAD) from $250 to $750. Each Outfitter featured in the winning stories will also receive a one issue free ad displayed in the magazine.

Tips on How to Write your Hunting Story

  • Recognize your guide, hunting destination and sought species in the first few paragraphs of your story.
  • A great hunting story not only describes the animals and itinerary, but expresses the significance of the hunt to you. How long had you been dreaming of this hunt? How did you first connect with your outfitter? What was the scenery like? What challenges did you encounter? These details will add to richness and familiarity of your story for your readers.
  • Proofread your story for clarity, but do not worry too much about the proper grammar or sentence structure—we will take care of that for you.
  • Try to keep the story in past tense and title it creatively. Titles and photos provide the first impression for your readers, and you want to draw them in immediately. Be sure to include several high-quality photos (1 MB or larger at 300dpi) with your submission.
  • Stories should be 2500-3000 words in length and written in Microsoft Word. We prefer to receive them by email (click here to use our online form), but they can also be sent hard-copy or on CD.

2016 Story Contest Winners – Read Their Stories

An Epic Adventure

The morning of 20 September 2014 found me and Mark, my great friend and hunting partner, marking time on the shore of Tyhee Lake near Telkwa, British Columbia. Though a generation apart in years, Mark and I are of like minds and paths and we get on famously together. Our gear was loaded aboard Alpine Lakes Air De Havilland Otter float plane, for further transportation to our hunting destination. The sky above us was a 60/40 blend of clouds and blue sky, but the sky over our intended destination was overcast with low-slung clouds.

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Not Your Average Joe

During the fall of 2014, well into my scheduled hunts, I received a message from my good buddy Greg Ray. He asked me if I was available for a last minute booking; a late season, post rut, bull moose hunt. This was most likely going to be the type of high pressure quest that most sane outfitters would run from. The real kicker; not only would I have to find two bull moose in less than perfect conditions, but I would have only six days to do it. The clients were Ben O’Brien of Peterson’s Hunting magazine, and none other than Joe Rogan himself.

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A Trip of a Lifetime

I have been hunting since I was a teenager. I moved to Montana when I was 34 and had been trying for a moose tag since the first year I was eligible, but never had the luck of the draw. Finally, my husband and I decided to use an outfitter in Canada for a moose hunt. We chose a 10 day, one on one, guided hunt with Opatcho Lake Outfitters. Other than the pictures we found on their website, we really didn’t have any idea what we were heading into, but we were up for the adventure.

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