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GOABC is always looking for good, high resolution photos that portray the excitement and exhilaration of hunting in British Columbia. If you are a member of GOABC or have hunted with a GOABC member you can submit photos of a successful hunt to be published in Mountain Hunter™ magazine and posted in the Guides Gallery on this website.

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Guide Photo Requirements

Photographs submitted for Mountain Hunter™ magazine should be:

  • Good quality, clear, and bright
  • 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) or high resolution
  • Good taste
  • Respectful to the animal
  • 1 MB or larger
  • Photographs must be clear in their representation of both animal and hunter

Please note that only guide outfitters who are members of GOABC  or hunters who have hunted with a GOABC member may submit photos for inclusion in the guides gallery.

You can upload your Hunting Photo using the file upload feature. We will review your photo and will let you know when we plan to publish your photo and if we require a higher resolution. Please note that we only have room for 12 to 15 photos per issue so if your photo does not make it into the next issue, it will be saved for the one after that.

Photos included in our magazine are also featured on our website in the guides gallery along with a link to the guide outfitter’s marketing website so please ensure that you include the name of the guide and the hunter for inclusion in the magazine.

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