Spring 2013 Issue


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Convention 2013 issue featuring Convention Photos, Artist of the Year, Leland award, Photo Tips and Tricks, and 5 new hunting stories.

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  • Hat Trick? You Decide by Aaron LaBumbard (Deer & Moose Hunt with A Bar Z Outfitters)
  • A Lucky Day in October by Ridr Knowlton (Bighorn Sheep Hunt with Ambler’s Bighorn Country Guiding)
  • An Epic Adventure by Capt. R. Claude Corbeille (Moose Hunt with Love Brothers & Lee)
  • From 59% to 82% by Pat Garrett (Caribou and Dall Sheep Hunt with Blackstone Outfitters)
  • Double Success by Kathy Christensen (Goat Hunt with Rocky Mountain High Outfitters)
  • Artist of the Year Winners
  • Leland Award for 2013
  • Conservation Matters™ with Shane Mahoney
  • Guides Gallery
  • Camp Cook’s Corner – Tomato Baked Trout

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