Volume 32 Issue 2

What's in this issue...
Winter 2021 Issue
Conservation Matters

Volume 32 Issue 2

In This Issue:

  • Deer/Cougar Hunt with Skinner Creek Hunts
  • Bighorn Sheep Hunt with Okanagan Outfitters
  • Moose/Mountain Goat with Sikanni River Outfitters
  • Caribou Hunt with Trophy Stone Outfitters
  • Stone Sheep Hunt with Scoop Lake Outfitters
  • Fair Chase Kitchen with Sossy Outdoors
  • and more…
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Bighorn Sheep Hunt

A Hunt Work Waiting For

By Thomas Huff
The hunt began with us travelling by horseback up to a base camp in the mountains.

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Caribou Hunt

Sikanni River Dreams

By Brandon David Envevold
You need to have knee surgery” he said. “You should probably cancel your Canadian moose hunt.”  “Not a change in hell,” I said. “You better just order me the best knee brace that money can buy.”

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Goat Hunt

Birthday ‘Bou

By Rob Cochrane

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