Story Contest 2017 - First Place

Are you Going to Shoot it.... featuring Eureka Peak Lodge/Outfitters

First Place 2017: Are you Going to Shoot it, or What?

by Richard T Adams

I hunted with Stuart Maitland from Eureka Peak Lodge and Outfitters around ten years ago. It was a trapline adventure and the trip had been a resounding success, with daily snow machine rides, and many critters trapped. I heard that Stu’s area had been producing some excellent interior grizzlies, so I stopped by his booth at the 2016 Safari Club International convention, to discuss his grizzly hunts. During our discussion, Stu mentioned that he had donated a grizzly hunt to the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia’s annual auction and fundraiser. So, I ended up bidding online and won the hunt!

Traveling to the town of Horsefly was, thankfully, uneventful with Canadian customs being straightforward and easy to deal with. An hour or so after landing I was at Stu and Cherie’s new home enjoying a cocktail. Early the next morning we set off looking for grizzly bear, black bear, and a wolf. As the day progressed we spotted several nice black bears, but I really wanted a monster, as I had harvested many black bears in the past. The day was quite enjoyable with lively banter and Stu’s never ending supply of outstanding jokes. About a mile from the house we were passing Stu’s bull pasture when he nonchalantly said “there’s a wolf.” At first I didn’t believe him because it was next to the road, close to where a dog had run out to greet us on our way out. When it finally sank in I jumped out of the almost stopped truck and proceeded to jam cartridges in the rifle, which I promptly jammed. After what seemed like an eternity I got things sorted out and shot, and missed. Stu would later tell me, with a chuckle, that the reason why I missed must have been due to a 60 yard shot at an animal standing broadside often proves to be difficult!


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